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Cass Elliot


Born Naomi Cohen in Baltimore, Maryland, a performance in a production of ‘The Boyfriend’  in her senior year at high school set the young girls sights on a singing career. There would no doubt have been issues over her weight, as today along with the added worries of those with a lack of it. However, her voice was recognised and with true talent Cass Elliot progressed.

Turning solo and attempting to get away from the name Mama Cass, adopted from the Mamas and the Papas, Cass was selling out at the London Palladium. It was so far away from home in London, England on 29th of July 1974 that she died in bed from a heart attack. She left behind a 7-year-old daughter, Owen, never revealing the name of the father.

Though Englebert Humperdink made Jayne Mansfield’s ‘Pink Palace’ a happy family home, Cass Elliot’s death was put down to her also having once owned the house.

Cass is said to have returned to her former home on Woodrow Wilson Drive in Los Angeles which was owned for a number of years by Dan Aykroyd. He attempted to rent it out for a nice fee of $30,000 a month up to selling the place. There is also another ghostly resident, a man who died in one of the bedrooms sometime in the 1960’s, but when the Stairmaster switches on by itself it is put down to the spirit of Cass Elliot. Dan put the jewellery that moved on the dresser down to the singer admiring the trinkets.




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