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Bette Davis


Ruth Elizabeth Davis was born in Lowell, Massachusetts. Her parents divorced when she was seven years old and she and her sister remained with their mother. Originally training as a dancer, she turned to acting and forged a formidable career on both stage and screen.

She was the epitome of the spoiled actress with a feud that’s become legendary between herself and Joan Crawford, outshining other spats that came her way.

Miss Davis as she liked to be addressed was married four times. Her third husband, Arthur Farnsworth, died having collapsed in the street after banging his head in a fall. Though the cause of death was brought in as injuries caused by the accident, there were whispers that Bette had pushed him downstairs in one of many quarrels between the couple. Later Bette Davis stated that all four of her husbands had beaten her.

Always wishing to be active, Bette Davis was still accepting work right up to her death at the age of 89. Being diagnosed with breast cancer and suffering a stroke, she pulled herself back to do a round of television and other media interviews, always with that pose of cigarette in hand. Bette died in France of the 6th of October 1989.

Bette Davis is said to haunt her old 4th floor apartment just off Sunset Boulevard. Residents have heard moaning and screams coming from the apartment which usually occurs when a new tenant moves in, one of those being Hugh Grant who claimed to have often heard the sounds of what he described as a tormented spirit which he put down to being the Hollywood star. With numerous tenants since Bette Davis, it has recently undergone renovation.

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Interview. An interview given at her Los Angeles apartment in 1988.

Bette Davis' Grave.




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