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Joan Crawford


Working under the name Billie Cassin, given her by one of her step-fathers, when she arrived in Hollywood it was decided to hold a national competition to find a new name for the starlet along with a new identity. And so Joan Crawford was born, a name which she did not like, but the lucky winner received $500. Joan was born in San Antonio, Texas and christened Lucille Fay LeSueur but continued, in private, to be called Billie.

Being told she couldn’t have children, she decided to adopt. However, California laws did not allow single parents to adopt and so Joan enlisted agencies on the East Coast, and some say the Mafia and the baby market which was disputable as to where such children originated. First there was Christina who later wrote a book ‘Mommie Dearest’. Though it was highly disputed on whether it was entirely accurate, it went into film format with Faye Dunaway taking on Joan’s character. Joan Crawford's narcissistic, cruel behaviour was well portrayed along with the obsessive disorder of having everything clean, an obsession which went unrestrained and undiagnosed.

Joan later adopted a son which she named Phillip Terry Jr., which was subsequently changed to Christopher on her divorce from her fourth husband of the same name. Neither Christina nor Christopher received anything from Joan’s will. Twins Cathy and Cindy did not fair much better from the estate and later found they had been adopted illegally.

Joan’s love life didn't fair any better than the relationship with her adopted children. For all her obsessive cleaning there were many affairs, at one time being linked to the movie mogul, Howard Hughes.

Joan’s first marriage was short and sweet but out of the four that followed none reached a fourth anniversary. Her last husband, Alfred Steele was the Pepsi King and on his death Joan became a spokesperson for the Pepsi Company.

Having become a Christian Scientist, when she was diagnosed with cancer she did not seek a cure. Joan Crawford died on the 10th of May 1977 at her New York apartment.

Joan’s Brentwood home at 246 North Bristol has seen some major renovations. However, the place was said to be haunted when Joan lived there between 1928 to 1955, and she had it exorcised or blessed. Since Joan’s death fires have broken out in the bedroom with no natural cause being found, it always being the wall above where Joan had her bed. It is known locally as the Crawford House and Joan is said to now reside there in spirit form. New owners have had the house exorcised several times but to no avail.

It is also interesting to note that the condolence message service at Find a Death has been disabled due to misuse. This is no doubt due to the book by her daughter Christina which Joan gave validity to when cutting her two eldest adopted children from her will.




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