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Montgomery Clift


Born Edward Montgomery Clift, he was like many other actors in using his second name. A romantic leading man, he began acting in amateur productions when he was 12 years old. Lured to Hollywood from the theatre, his first film was opposite John Wayne. He was nominated for an Oscar four times, but never managed to get hold of the prestigious prize.

A wreckless personality, in 1957 he was involved in a car accident that many would not have survived. This left him disfigured and partially paralyzed. Turning to pain-killers, he soon became independant on them. He was about to begin filming `Reflections In A Golden Eye` when he died of a heart attack on the 23rd of July 1966.

This is another actor, apart from Marilyn Monroe, to haunt the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel at 7000 Hollywood Boulevard. It is in room 928 where he spent three months while filming 'From Here To Eternity.'  Both guests and staff have claimed to have sensed a presence. Cold spots have been reported with one guest saying she felt a hand patting her on the shoulder. He also had the habit of playing a horn which has also been heard.




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