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Lon Chaney


Getting the name Lon from his full name, Alonzo Chaney. He was born in Colorado Springs on the 1st of April 1883. Both his parents were deaf mutes, and so from an early age he was conveying himself through mime. Working in theatre, even down to being stage-hand, he ended up in Hollywood in 1912.

It is surprising that fame came in the way it did, specialising in horror, when his debut on film was a western where he clinched the role of villain. He soon earned himself the nickname "Man of a Thousand Faces" for his skill with make-up. Perhaps being one of the most celebrated stars that could walk among the public unrecognised. His talents could have been spread through a wider range of film characters, but like many others, became entrapped in a medium like James Cagney for gangsters and John Wayne in westerns.

Buried at Forest Lawn Glendale Cemetery, there is no website link as he is interred in an unmarked grave.

He died on the 26th of August 1930 and was often seen thereafter seated on a bench at the intersection of Hollywood and Vine, perhaps waiting for his friend Bela Lugosi who has been reported many times taking his usual constitutional walk. However, he was not seen again once the bench was removed.

He is still a very prominent figure at the Universal Studio's, especially around the sets where he used to work. Staff have reported strange apparitions, noises, etc., especially around the Jaws lagoon area.




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