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Click on the name of the film stars and celebrities in the list below on the left to find out where they haunt. They spend a lifetime of ambition being famous, for in the beginnings of Hollywood and the silent two reelers it was a world of glamour, parties and fame. Starting out as an extra with that goal of seeing their name in lights, but it was only a small handful that ever saw their ambitions fulfilled. Even then it was an even harder task staying there. If the studio dropped a star and no one was willing to give them a contract a fickle public could easily forget a name, let alone a face.

Then there was the scandals, the affairs, some giving rise to the publics imagination, while others abject horror at the act of adultery. In the early era of film the stars led a life far more imaginable than the characters they portrayed.

People experience the paranormal every day so why should film stars and celebrities be any different! Though not all may admit to this. That makes them no different to a lot of other people either. Below you will find listed some paranormal experiences of the stars. 

Dan Aykroyd could well have been inspired to create the Ghostbusters movie after living in a haunted house. The Aykroyd family had to put up with doors locking by themselves, lights going on and off by their own accord, and of course, the usual bumps in the night.

Dan is acknowledged as having one of the finest libraries on the paranormal, and so was not too concerned about the poltergeist activity. However, it did get a bit costly having to replace light bulbs and other damage due to the phenomena.

Dan really seems to like his haunted houses with his purchase of 7708 Woodrow Wilson Drive which is said to be very haunted. Dan claims to have slept with the spirit of a man who had died in the bedroom back in the 60’s. It is also the former home of Mama Cass Elliot who is also reputed to haunt here.The house at Woodrow Wilson Drive was sold in February 2008 to actress Beverly DeAngelo who may be better known from her role as Rebecca Balthus in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Jennifer Aniston often consults psychics, especially in search of a happier love life, but had a more scary experience while staying at The Heathman Hotel in Portland, Oregon.

The Heathman is known for its paranormal activity from furniture being moved to the appearance of apparitions. Jennifer was given the suite above the haunted rooms at $1.200 a night, though the ghosts are said to be friendly. 

In 2003 when David and Victoria Beckham heard Domaine Saint-Vincent manor house, set on a large estate nestling on the edge of woodland was up for sale, the couple arrived at the small village of Bargemon to view the property. For Victoria it was love at first sight and insisted on immediately signing the papers, but it seems she was too eager as the couple hadn’t heard the ghost story that went with their new home.

The previous owner, Leslie Duck, who dearly loved the property, in his later years, came down with a wasting disease. Becoming less active was a trial for the man and not wishing to be a burden, especially on his wife, he decided to exit this world by shooting himself. Being a very distinguishable figure with large white bushy beard, it wasn’t long after his death that he was seen around the estate.

When the Beckham’s heard of the ghostly tales they never returned, not having spent one night in the place it was left to fall to ruin with the beautiful fountains and grounds going unattended. By 2006, after having renovations, it was sold to hopefully someone who won’t mind sharing with a non-malevolent spirit.

Nicolas Cage had the fright of his life when he moved into the attic of the home of his uncle, Francis Ford Cappola. One night he saw a figure that he thought was a relative but when he spoke there was no reply. As the shape moved closer to him Nic screamed and threw a pillow at what he thought was a woman with big hair. The shadowy figure disappeared and it is doubtful that Nic will want to spend any more time up in that attic.

After such a frightful event Nic Cage, for some strange reason, decided to buy himelf a haunted house in what is possibly the most haunted place in America. The Lalaurie Mansion in the French Quarter of New Orleans comes with a groteque history that if it isn't haunted then it should be. However, Nic never spent one night at the property which went into foreclosure in 2009.

Neve Campbell doesn’t mind ghosts too much as she claims to have seen her grandmother numerous times and soon found her Los Angeles home was haunted by a woman who had died there. On one occasion Neve went to the kitchen and friends thought she had returned to them in the living room which Neve put down to being the ghost.

Belinda Carlisle had a rather hair-raising experience at her London home where she saw a large figure hovering over her as she lay in bed. She couldn’t move and felt that the entity was holding her. It then disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared.

Judy Carne had an experience when, as a publicity stunt, it was decided to hold a seance in the Theatre Royal at Bath before the opening production of Blithe Spirit. In the presence of two newspaper reporters, the hired medium began to receive messages from beyond the grave. The spirit of an 18th century actress related a story of forlorn love, falling in love with another man, he and her husband fought a duel in which her lover was killed. Finding it unbearable, she hung herself in her dressing room. Judy tried to ask if she was still unhappy. The question seems to have been answered as the table they were sat at began to shake and Judy heard someone weeping. Judy often returned to theatre to try and make contact the spirit again but without success.

It is possibly the ghost of the woman who haunts the theatre and buildings either side. She has also been seen in a box watching a variety of plays, once being spotted when the curtain went up on a production starring Anna Neagle. She is also often accompanied by the scent of jasmine. 

Richard Dreyfuss may have been spooked but is grateful to the spirit of a young girl who helped him off skid row.

In the 1970’s Richard was involved in a car accident and shortly after began seeing the ghostly figure of a young girl. He had no idea who she was but it made him quit the cocaine habit he was being drawn into.

 Glen Ford lived in a haunted house where he and his wife often heard the sounds of a party, laughter, and the chink of glasses.

Along with the autograph hunters, a celebrity status can also bring the stalker, but what to do when that stalker is a ghostly spirit! Lady Gaga told friends she was being followed by a spirit named Ryan who follows her wherever she goes.

Whether a publicity gimmick or not, Lady Gaga got a psychic medium and with friends held a séance to contact Ryan and ask what he wanted, as well as to tell him to leave her alone.

On her 2010 Monster Ball Tour the singer had £3,000 ($4,800) worth of paranormal investigating tools brought in including EMF meter’s to sweep for any spirit presence before her performance. 

The London born actor Anthony Head states that his 19th century house, situated in Bristol, is the haunt of a young girl which visitors claim to have seen. When first moving into the property some work was required but builders found their progress hampered which Anthony puts down to paranormal activity.

Englebert Humperdink claimed to see the ghost of Jayne Mansfield on numerous occasions on buying her home. The Pink Palace was a classic masterpiece which Englebert eventually had to sell due to the running costs. Unfortunately this was sold to a developer with no leanings towards Jayne and the house sadly, was demolished.

When Jack Lemmon was appearing in a production at the Haymarket Theatre in London he became convinced that his dressing room was haunted when he witnessed the door opening and slamming shut several times.

When Matthew McConaughey bought a three-bedroom house he got a little more than expected in the form of a resident ghost. However, Matthew is cool about it, naming the female spirit ‘Madam Blue’.

Madonna lived in the home once owned by gangland figure Bugsy Seigel, Castillo del Lago. It's said that no one managed to tame the restless sprit, but Madonna remained the longest, though she is said to have never really liked the atmosphere of the mansion. When there was a stalker with a gun that managed to get onto the property she promptly moved out and put the house up for sale.

Kim Novak had an experience of the paranormal while filming on location at Chilham Castle in Kent. Relaxing in her room, playing records, when she began to dance she suddenly felt something grab her by the waist and lifting her from her feet she was placed heavily against a wall. Feeling quite frightened, she left the room in search of her friends.

When Gwyneth Paltrow was having so much bad luck with her Belsize Park Mansion in North West London, blaming the negative energy for a bad time during her second pregnancy, she decided to have the place exorcised. 

Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks, united in marriage, combined their names to give their home the title of Pickfair. Here, the couple claimed to have seen a woman walking upstairs. For some reason she was carrying sheet music.

Miranda Pleasence, the daughter of the late actor Donald Pleasence will no doubt never forget her experience at Port Quinn, Cornwall. In 2001 she and another actress/presenter, Emily Comston, were filming a Blair Witch type project, but the spirits must have had other ideas.

At first the two women, who were alone in a barn, thought it was members of the crew playing tricks on them. They could apparently hear whispering before the air turned freezing cold. It eventually got too much and they ran screaming from the barn which does have a reputation for being haunted.


Vincent Price, star of many a horror movie, related an experience that was more like a message from the angels.


Travelling by aeroplane from Hollywood to New York on the 15th of November 1958, he happened to look up from the book he was reading, and there, in brilliant lettering across the sky, he read, "TYRONE POWER IS DEAD". It came as a shock to see something like that. The illusion lasted only a few seconds but he soon realised that no one else had seen the large letters. He even began to doubt that he had seen it himself. However, when the plane landed he was given the sad news that his close friend Tyrone Power had died suddenly a couple of hours earlier.


Keanu Reeves had a childhood experience that is still as vivid today in the form of an invisible entity, that is it was invisible except for the white suit which was quite clear to see. Keanu wasn’t alone in this experience as his sister and nanny also saw the figure.

In 1984 Tim Robbins and his two cats moved into an apartment in Los Angeles that was a converted church. Having barely unpacked with things still in boxes, Tim returned home one night to see figures in the room. He and his terrified cats moved out the next day.

Perhaps the most widely known story is that of Telly Savalas who related the tale a few times in televised interviews. He was befriended by a ghost long before becoming the lollipop sucking cop Kojak.

It was late when he began his drive home from a friends house at Long Island to his own home in New York. He was also out of gas, but the lights from an all night cafe lit up the darkness. He managed to pull in, and having a coffee, asked the way to the nearest garage. He was told to take a path through the wood at the back of the cafe until he reached the freeway. Just about to set off on the daunting walk, a voice called out, asking if he wanted a lift. It was gratefully received and Telly got into the Cadilac of this Good Samaritan.

It wasn't until he got to the gas station that he realised his wallet was missing and the man kindly gave him some money with Telly insisting on having his name and phone number. Harry Agannis wrote his name on a scrap of paper and Telly thanked him for all he had done.

When it came to contacting the man he spoke to his wife who told him the sad news that he had died. Telling her what had happened and how her husband had helped him, she said that was impossible as his death was not recent. He had been dead three years. The star was shocked, and then intrigued. He described the car which she agreed was the same as her husband's. The clothes, which she said he was buried in. Then there was the voice which was unusually high pitched. That could have accounted for the fact that Harry Agannis had taken his own life, shooting himself in the throat. Telly eventually met the widow and showed her the piece of paper on which the man had written. She was more than sure that it was her husband's handwriting. It was certainly an experience that Telly Savalas never forgot, and earned him a new friend in Mrs Agannis.

In 2002 newlyweds Claudia Schiffer and husband Matthew Vaughn purchased a new home for themselves, located in Suffolk, England.

This prompted a ghost club to write and inform the newly-weds that the property also came with its own ghostly goings on, including a curse that would be released if two portraits were ever to be removed.

Peter Sellers was convinced that he had a spirit guide in the form of the great comic Dan Leno.

The Newcastle born singer, Sting, has grown up with ghosts, claiming his childhood home was the haunt of Roman soldiers. When he bought an old historic house in North London he found that was also haunted and called in a ghost hunter that seemed to appease the restless spirits.

Sharon Tate saw something that could have been a vision of the future, but it is doubtful that she would have been able to change the events of her terrible death.

While house sitting for a friend, she woke to see the ghost of Paul Bern (see Jean Harlow). There was blood coming from a hole in his head, the bullet wound which killed him. He was banging and thudding around while cursing and swearing. Sharon had to get out and making her way downstairs saw something even more gruesome ... two people, their hands bound with nylon and their throats cut. She found some Vodka and after downing half a bottle passed out, but it was an experience she could never forget.

Ironically, this is how she and a friend, Jay Sebring, was found only a few blocks from the house where she had experienced all this. Murdered by the followers of Charles Manson after into the premises.

In 1998 Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke decided to buy a house in a very respectable New York location. Upon moving they were so terrified by the haunting that took place that they promptly moved back to their city apartment. The couple divorced in 2004.

Charlene Tilton lived with her mother and grandfather, that was until she was 6-years-old when her grandfather died. Shortly afterwards strange things happened in the Hollywood flat. A frightened Charlene was calmed by her mother saying it was the spirit of her grandfather. She never saw him, but there was something there, and not only that, when she moved home, it followed. If the spirit was her grandfather, Charlene now believes he is at peace.

Oliver Tobias has had several experiences involving the paranormal. In interviews he always seems a stable and intelligent person, I cannot doubt his experiences that including seeing bright lights in the sky during his filming of Arthur of the Britons and at one time there was a story on his website of an experience with a haunted dressing room.

Amy Winehouse may have got more than expected when in one of her regular sessions with a clairvoyant Michael Jackson came through within days of his death. Amy claimed she heard the King of Pop tell her to clean up her act after years of rehab.

And Claudia Schiffer is not the only one to have her own haunted house. Kate Winslet bought a haunted holiday home situated in Cornwall in 2001.


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