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Orson Welles




Orson Welles


A film pioneer, not only did he go before the camera to act, but behind as producer, director and writer. For all his films, in a long and varied career, he will probably best be remembered for 'Citizen Kane'  which received an Oscar for Best Screenplay.

He was married to Rita Hayworth who he co-starred with in 'The Lady From Shanghai,'  but the marriage was already in trouble and Hayworth filed for divorce once filming was completed.

He died from a heart attack on the 9th of October 1985. He was cremated and his ashes placed in a well.

As in life, the huge star is still a patron at Sweet Jane’s Restaurant at 8360 N. Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles. Customers and staff have seen him sat at his favourite table. This is often accompanied by the aroma of his favourite tipple of brandy and cigars.




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