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Winter is once again upon us but at least we have Christmas to bring some cheer! For me it will be a goodbye to a bad year and I know that goes for many people.

If you have visited Paranormal X before, thank you for the return visit, and of course new visitors are always welcome. If you have time, please feel free to leave a message in the Guest Book

If you read on, this year is one of ups and downs with health problems and losing two of the stations where our show airs. However, if you're looking to do some Christmas shopping for family and friends who like paranormal stories, both fact and fiction then I have the book for you. It's been a long time coming but I have now published a book of short stories with a novel in the pipeline.

And if you're looking for a gift for someone who likes reading, don't forget to check out "5 Paranormal Tales" that can be got at Amazon and other outlets Check Here and Lulu.

Below are the moon phases and calendar dates for December and taking us into next year with January 2019.

Weird News Weekly is still airing at TMV Cafe Radio on Thursdays at 9pm eastern time,  and
 will also air at the Pyramid One Network with thanks to John and Mark. Thank you to those who have liked the Weird News Weekly Facebook page.

We are always happy to have guests if you know anyone who would like to join us for the one hour show. And of course if you miss any shows or wish to listen to one or two of them again all the shows are archived at our  Mixcloud account.

If you have music, a movie, book, podcast or website you would like to promote, to an event or charity, we would be happy to help. You can email me at paranormalx2000@hotmail.com

Paranormal X is here for entertainment, education and research with a list of Haunted Pubs and Hotels in the UK, along with Haunted Castles and Stately Homes where all listings are open to the general public. Celebrity Haunts lists 31 media darlings across the ages that reside, or at least visit from to time, as well as listing celebrities who have had their own paranormal experiences. Royal Haunts is still to be completed with the present Royal family continuing to grow. These articles are also complimented with slide shows via Youtube.

The Dream Dictionary, that is proving popular, lists thousands of meanings in an easy alphabetical listing.

The Witch Trail is also an ongoing project, and if you are interested in astrology, there is the Astrology page and also Chinese Astrology with the animals and much more.

In passing, if you would like to sign the Paranormal X Guest Book it would be much appreciated. Thank you to those who have left messages and told of their experiences.

The sub pages haven't been updated in a while but will be when time allows. The next main page update will be February 2019.

If you enjoy the site or have any experiences you would like to share please visit the Guest Book with your feedback.

If you find any dead links (no pun intended) please let me know by email at paranormalx2000@hotmail.com

Paranormal - Adjective Beyond the range of normal experience or scientific explanation such as paranormal phenomena.

7th of December 2018 15th of December 2018 22nd of December 2018 28th of December 2018
6th of January 2019 14th of January 2019 21st of January
27th of January 2019

Friday December 7, 2018   Pearl Harbor Day in America.
Monday December 10, 2018   A Jewish holiday being The First Day of Hanukkah.
Thursday & Friday December 13 & 14, 2018   Geminids Meteor Shower.
Friday & Saturday December 21 & 22, 2018   Ursids Meteor Shower.
Friday December 21, 2018   Winter Equinox.
Monday December 24, 2018   Christmas Eve.
Tuesday December 25, 2018
  Christmas Day.
Wednesday December 26, 2018
  Boxing Day or St Stephen's Day.
Monday December 31, 2018
  New Year's Eve.

Tuesday January 1, 2019   NewYear's Day.
Wednesday January 2, 2019   Bank Holiday in Scotland.
Thursday & Friday January 3 & 4, 2019   Quantadrids Meteor Shower.
Sunday January 6, 2019   Partial Eclipse in the UK which will see better viewing in Russian at 62%.
Monday January 21, 2019   Martin Luther King Jr Day.
Friday January 25, 2019   Burns Night.
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