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Summer is here in the northern hemisphere with Brits complaining about the heat, but with records in high temperatures being broken, they can be forgiven.

Even animals aren't used to such temperatures and people are being urged to make sure pets have plenty of water and shade.

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Below are the moon phases and calendar dates for July, August and September 2018 with a few meteor showers to look out for.

I would also like to thank our listeners for tuning in to Weird News Weekly which is now 6-years-old. My co-host, Norm and myself will continue to bring the stranger news stories from around the world. We air at TMV Cafe Radio on Thursdays at 9pm eastern time,  and
 thanks to Uncle Bill (William Villont) for airing our one hour shows at BNNS Internet Radio on Thursdays at 6pm central time, this being a Christian station from Belvidere, Illinois, and we also appreciate Renee at the Diversity Broadcasting Network where we can also be heard on Thursdays at 8pm eastern time. And we also thank the Pyramid One Network and John and Mark.

We are always happy to have guests if you know anyone who would like to join us for the one hour show. And of course if you miss any shows or wish to listen to one or two of them again, BNNS Internet Radio archive them on their website, and we are also at Mixcloud

If you have music, a movie, book, podcast or website you would like to promote, to an event or charity, we would be happy to help. You can email me at paranormalx2000@hotmail.com

Paranormal X is here for entertainment, education and research with a list of Haunted Pubs and Hotels in the UK, along with Haunted Castles and Stately Homes where all listings are open to the general public. Celebrity Haunts lists 31 media darlings across the ages that reside, or at least visit from to time, as well as listing celebrities who have had their own paranormal experiences. Royal Haunts is still to be completed with the present Royal family continuing to grow. These articles are also complimented with slide shows via Youtube.

The Dream Dictionary, that is proving popular, lists thousands of meanings in an easy alphabetical listing.

The Witch Trail is also an ongoing project, and if you are interested in astrology, there is the Astrology page and also Chinese Astrology with the animals and much more.

In passing, if you would like to sign the Paranormal X Guest Book it would be much appreciated. Thank you to those who have left messages and told of their experiences.

The sub pages haven't been updated in a while but will be when time allows. The next main page update will be October 2018, just in time for Halloween.

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If you find any dead links (no pun intended) please let me know by email at paranormalx2000@hotmail.com

Paranormal - Adjective Beyond the range of normal experience or scientific explanation such as paranormal phenomena.

6th of July 2018 13th of July 2018
19th of July 2018 27th of July 2018
4th of August 2018 11th of August 2018 18th of August
26th of August 2018
3rd of September 2018 9th of September 2018 17th of September 2018 25th of September 2018

Wednesday July 4, 2018
  This is a holiday for America when they celebrate Independence Day.
Thursday July 12, 2018   The anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne means it's a Bank Holiday for Northern Ireland.
Tuesday July 13, 2018   Being the first of a number of astronomical events, some areas of America will see a partial solar eclipse.
Friday July 27, 2018
  Another eclipse occurs for America that is set to be more spectacular, being a total eclipse of the moon.
Friday July 27, 2018   An on the same night, American's, the weather willing, will have a view of Mars that will be closest to earth and the best time to photograph.
Saturday-Sunday July 28-29, 2018   Over a 2 day, or 2 nights, its the Delta Aquorids meteor shower, again in America
Thursday July 29, 2018   And in Britain the Aquorids meteor shower reaches its peak.
Monday August 6, 2018   It's a Bank Holiday for Scotland.
Saturday August 11, 2018   For America and the UK there is another partial solar eclipse.
Sunday-Monday August 12-13, 2018   America have two nights of the Perseids meteor shower while the UK have their peak on the 13th.
Tuesday August 21, 2018   In the UK there is the peak o the Cignid meteor shower.
Sunday August 26, 2018   Raksha Bandhan is a Hindu holidy.
Monday August 27, 2018   Summer Bank Holiday for the UK except Scotland.
Sunday September 2, 2018   Janmashtami is a Hindu Holiday.
Monday September 3, 2018   Labor Day for America.
Friday September 7, 2018   America can look to the skies with Neptune being at its closest to the earth and the best opportunity to photograph the planet.
Sunday September 9, 2018   The Piscid meteor shower peaks.
Monday September 10, 2018   Rosh Hashana is a Jewish Holiday.
Wednesday September 12, 2018   Ganesh Chaturthi is a Hindu Holiday.
Wednesrday September 19, 2018   Yom Kippur is a Jewish celebration.
Sunday September 23, 2018   The end of summer being the Equinox that brings equal amounts of day and night to most of the planet.
Thursday September 24, 2018   It's the Jewish holiday, being the first dy of Sukkot.
Sunday September 30, 2018   Another Jewish holiday, Hoshan Rabbah.
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