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It was a bad start to the year that is not so surprising with some dark planets coming into conjunction with the earth. This is the year of challenges, mentally, emotionally and physically.

On the other hand, the air is cleaner, allowing mother nature to thrive in such a short time with the hope that people will want to breath cleaner air after covid-19 becomes a thing of the past.

The moon phases for June, July and August can be found below along with calendar dates.

All being well, the next update will be September 2020

Weird News Weekly will continue to air at TMV Cafe and all the shows for thw past 7 and a half years are now available at the Weird News Weekly Mixcloud website to play on demand.

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Paranormal X is here for entertainment, education and research with a list of Haunted Pubs and Hotels in the UK, along with Haunted Castles and Stately Homes where all listings are open to the general public. Celebrity Haunts lists 31 media darlings across the ages that reside, or at least visit from to time, as well as listing celebrities who have had their own paranormal experiences. Royal Haunts is still to be completed with the present Royal family continuing to grow with the latest addition being baby Archie. These articles are also complimented with slide shows via Youtube.

The popular Dream Dictionary lists thousands of meanings in an easy alphabetical listing.

The Witch Trail is also an ongoing project, and if you are interested in astrology, there is the Astrology page and also Chinese Astrology with the animals and much more.

In passing, if you would like to sign the Paranormal X Guest Book it would be much appreciated. Thank you to those who have left messages and told of their experiences.

The sub pages haven't been updated in a while and am still trying to find time which gets less with time going by much more quickly with each growing year. The next main page update will be March 2020.

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If you find any dead links (no pun intended) please let me know by email at paranormalx2000@hotmail.com

Paranormal - Adjective Beyond the range of normal experience or scientific explanation such as paranormal phenomena.

5th of June
11th of June
21st of June
28th of June
1st of July
12th of July
20th of July
27th of July
3rd of August
11th of August
19th of August
27th of August

Friday June 5,
  Partial Lunar Eclipse. This is only a bit taken out of the moon as there is not a full eclipse until 2022.
Saturday June 6, 2020   D-Day will be celebrated in America, being an observance rather than a federal holiday..
Sunday June 14, 2020   Flag Day celebrates the founding of the Star Spangled Banner that was last modified in 1950 when Hawaii joined the union.
Sunday June 14, 2020   Donald Trump was born on this day in 1946 making him 74 years old.
Saturday June 20, 2020   Summer Solstice sees the longest day of the year.
Sunday June 21, 2020   Father's Day.
Saturday June 27, 2020   Armed Forces Day for the UK.
Sunday June 28, 2020   King Henry VIII of England was born on this day in 1491.

Wednesday July 1, 2020   Princess Diana was born on this day in 1961. Had she lived she would have been 51 years old.
Friday July 3, 2020   Independnece Day Federal Holiday gives American's a long weekend.
Saturday July 4, 2020   American Independence Day.
Sunday July 5, 2020   A lunar eclipse sees a partial covering of the moon.
Sunday July 12, 2020   Orangeman's Day usually sees a parade in Northern Ireland each year.
Tuesday July 14, 2020   Bastille Day for France.
Tuesday July 14, 2020   A lunar event will see Jupiter close enough to the earth for a good pair of binoculars to view its 4 largest moons.
Thursday July 16, 2020   John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr died on this day in 1999 under what a lot of people think are mysterious circumstances.
Monday July 20, 2020   Look to the stars because Saturn will be at its closest to earth being a bright object while a medium telescope will show its rings.
Wednesday July 22, 2020   Prince George was born on this day in 2013 meaning he is celebrating his 7th birthday.
Friday July 24, 2020   The Summer Olympics in Tokyo woud have begun today.
Ruesday July 28, 2020   Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower should provide 20 meteors per hour at its peak, being debris left behind by comets..

Monday August 3, 2020   Bank Holiday for Scotland.
Wednesday August 5, 2020   The Mayflower set sail on this day 400 years ago in 1620.
Tuesday-Wednesday August 11-12, 2020   Perseids Meteor Shower that in a good year can produce 60 meteors per hour at its peak. The odd meteor may be seen between July 17th to August 24th .
Wednesday August 18, 2020   Islamic New Year.
Monday August 31, 2020   August Bank Holiday for the UK except Scotland.
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