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Christmas is done and dusted and we're now into a new year, though I have heard from people who have been having a long-run of bad luck that it still isn't quite over, but hold on in there.

This update sees Valentine's Shrove Tuesdayand the beginning of spring, though it may seem a long way off with the big freeze that the boffins are calling a polar vortex, bringing temperatures that some places haven't seen the like of in decades.

If this is a return visit Paranormal X, thank you for your patronage, and of course, new visitors are always welcome.

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Our one hour radio chat show, Weird News Weekly airs every Thursday at 9pm Eastern Time (2am UK) for anyone who would like to drop in to listen. Airing first at TMV Cafe the shows are then placed on our account at Mixcloud to play on demand.

We are always happy to have guests if you know anyone who would like to join us for the one hour show. And of course if you miss any shows or wish to listen to one or two of them again all the shows are archived at our  Mixcloud account.

If you have music, a movie, book, podcast or website you would like to promote, to an event or charity, we would be happy to help. You can email me at paranormalx2000@hotmail.com

And for those who enjoy reading paranormal fiction, or maybe looking for a gift for a family member or friend, I now have a book of short my stories in print.
 "5 Paranormal Tales" can be got at Amazon and other outlets Check Here and Lulu.

Scrolling down, the moon phases and calendar dates for February and March 2019 are below.

Apart from Weird News Weekly airing at TMV Cafe Radio on Thursdays at 9pm eastern time, shows
 also air at the Pyramid One Network with thanks to John and Mark. Thank you also to those who have liked the Weird News Weekly Facebook page.

Paranormal X is here for entertainment, education and research with a list of Haunted Pubs and Hotels in the UK, along with Haunted Castles and Stately Homes where all listings are open to the general public. Celebrity Haunts lists 31 media darlings across the ages that reside, or at least visit from to time, as well as listing celebrities who have had their own paranormal experiences. Royal Haunts is still to be completed with the present Royal family continuing to grow. These articles are also complimented with slide shows via Youtube.

The Dream Dictionary, that is proving popular, lists thousands of meanings in an easy alphabetical listing.

The Witch Trail is also an ongoing project, and if you are interested in astrology, there is the Astrology page and also Chinese Astrology with the animals and much more.

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The sub pages haven't been updated in a while but will be when time allows. The next main page update will be February 2019.

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If you find any dead links (no pun intended) please let me know by email at paranormalx2000@hotmail.com

Paranormal - Adjective Beyond the range of normal experience or scientific explanation such as paranormal phenomena.

4th of February 2019 12th of February 2019 19th of February 2019
26th of February 2019
6th of March 2019 14th of March 2019 21st of March 2019
28th of March 2019

Saturday February 2, 2019   Groundhog Day. This takes place in Philadelphia when a groundhog is taken out and if he sees his shadow it means there will be no early spring.
Sunday February 3, 2019   The Super Bowl is an important sports event for many American's.
Tuesday February 5, 2019   The beginning of the Chinese New Year, so anyone born up to January 25, 2020 will be under the Pig.
Tuesday February 12, 2019   America celebrates Abraham Lincoln's birthday which today would make him 210 years old.
Thursday February 14, 2019   Valentine's Day.
Monday February 18, 2019   President's Day is a federal holiday for many American states.

Friday March 1, 2019   St. David's Day, being the patron saint of Wales.
Saturday March 2, 2019   Texas Independence Day. This is when Texas celebrates its independence from Mexico in 1836.
Tuesday March 5, 2019   Shrove Tuesday, more commonly called Pancake Day in the UK and Mardi Gras in the US.
Wednesday March 6, 2019   Ash Wednesday always follows Shrove Tuesday.
Sunday March 10, 2019   It's Daylight saving for those American states that continue the practice, officially the clocks go forward one hour at 2am.
Sunday March 17, 2019   St. Patrick's Day falls nicely on a weekend with the Irish celebrating their patron saint.
Wednesday 20, 2019   March Equinox, being the first day of spring even though the weather may not agree.
Friday March 29, 2019   America celebrates National Vietnam War Veterans Day.
Sunday March 31, 2019   The UK lose one hour with the clocks going back at 2am.
Sunday March 31, 2019   Mother's Day in the UK.

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